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Testa Analytical and its partners are committed to bringing you updates about their technological innovations, application advances and products in a growing portfolio of informative short videos. The aim of all our videos is to capture the key messages on camera in a way that reveals the science behind a technological advance, how a product works and what application results you can achieve.

BI 200SM Research grade goniometer overview

An introduction to Static and Dynamic Light Scattering with the 200SM research grade goniometer.

Sample Preparation for DLS

Sample preparation is crucial in DLS and often a principal source of bad data. Watch this short clip to impriove sample preparation and acheive excellent DLS results.

Particle Solution software instructional video

Learn more about Particle Solutions software by watching this instructional video.

Correlator layout with NanoBrook Instruments

Achieve better results by learning how to select the correlator layout in NanoBrook instruments.

NEW Step-by-Step aligned Goniometer

Get better results with our Step-by-Step alignment instructions for the 200SM Light Scattering Goniometer.

Dynamic Light Scattering: How to Handle Dust & Contaminants

Learn how to handle the most common challenge in Dynamic Light Scattering: Dust and Contaminants.

The Basics: Particle Sizing

Watch this video to see a great explanation of the fundamentals of Particle Sizing.

Zeta Potential Basics

A short clip explaining the basics of Zeta Potential and Zeta Potential determination.

Applications Series: Surface Charge on Membranes

Learn how to determine Zeta Potential of solid surfaces with the Surface Zeta Electrode.

Applications Series: Cosmetics

Watch this video to learn how to charactorize cosmetic materials.

Particle Explorer instructional video

A short announcement of the brand new Particle Explorer Software for DLS and SLS with the 200SM Goniometer.