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On-Site InstallationDelivery of any new system represents only the beginning of a new challenge. Setting up a new system and making sure all components perform as required is a time consuming task which furthermore requires deep knowledge and understanding of numerous technical aspects of the particular instruments. TESTA Analytical Solution offers On-Site Installation service for all products of the portfolio. This service is aimed to make sure the user will be able to obtain from day one maximum performance out of the instruments. The on-site Installation also includes a first validation of the systems and instruments installed, making sure results obtained for unknown samples are reliable and within specs of the instruments. Also included in the on-site installation service is a short basic staff training.

Staff training and WorkshopsModern equipment require highly skilled operators in order to perform best. It is therefore a necessity to make sure the staff of operators is trained as good as possible. TESTA Analytical Solutions offers a full training program for this task. Each training is specifically taylored to the client necessity, the utilized instruments, the planned applications and any further requirement which might be specified by the client. Each training is protocoled and attendands will receive a certificate with indication of the performed training.

System ValidationValidation is a term well known and understood in regulated industry, it is however extremely helpful even when not required by the authorities. A validation represents an indipendent confirmation that performance of a system or instrument, complies in full with the specifications stated by the manufacturer. It is therefore an important indicator about the status of a particular device-width the day of test. This indicator is a measure of the probability about correctness of a result obtained with the device. It is also used to detect low changes in performance of a given device over a long period of time, just by comparison of validation data obtained in the past. TESTA Analytical Solutions offers validation services for all products in the portfolio. In case of GPC/SEC Systems, each instrument is validated individually and then overall performance is validated. This delivers important information about status of the columns and other components not directly related to an instrument.

Preventive MaintenanceMaintenance on a regular term is one of the most important measures to avoid sudden failure of a system or instrument and to ensure hassle-free operation. Maintenance involves preventive replacement of parts subject to wear, like seal rings, pistons, check valves as well as replacement of components with limited lifetime like Deuterium Lamps in UV Detectors or Syringes in Autosampler. A well serviced and maintened System will perform flawlessly in time reducing down time to practically zero. Maintenance plans are available from TESTA Analytical Solutions for all products in the portfolio. In many cases maintenance can be performed on-site, therefore very little time is lost due to this operation. Maintenance offered by TESTA is specifically designed for each instrument, please ask for information pertinent to your device.

Applicative SupportEach new sample opens new questions about the best method for characterisation. Selection of the best suited solvent or additive or selection of important parameters for acquisition or interpretation of obtained results, all these can represent a challenge and delay in finalizing a specific application. In all those cases where an external view of the problem is indicated, our expert team is available for help and support. Decades of experience in a wide range of applications, samples and investigation, is available to you to help solving your particular analytical problem.