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Browsing a catalog is still a great source of information and inspiration, it delivers a full overview of the offerings a supplier has and is often an eye opener, revealing details often forgotten or underestimated. Traditional paperbound catalogs are nowadays however uncommon, the digital format is by far easier to handle and to update frequently. Following this, we have created a digital brochure presenting our full product portfolio. It can be read online or, for your convenience, it can be downloaded and browsed even without internet connection. The brochure provides in depth information about all our products for GPC/SEC Chromatography, Particle sizing, Zeta Potential and Goniometer light scattering, including the various combinations of techniques packed into a single instrument.

Testa Analytical Company Brochure

Liquid chromatography is definitely a synonymous of flexibility in application, it can be easily adapted to solve a huge number of very different analytical problems, mainly by selecting the best suited combination of instruments, columns and solvent. GPC/SEC Chromatography is totally focused to those problems involving characterization of polymers and proteins, offering devices and software tools specifically optimized for these tasks. The combination of GPC/SEC Chromatography with Light Scattering and Viscometry allows in depth investigation of complex Homo- and Co-polymers, linear and branched materials, natural and synthetic matter with possibilities near to infinite. At the same time, a GPC/SEC Chromatography system can be optimized for relatively simple routine analysis and designed for high throughput rather than for content richness of results. Our product portfolio covers the full range of possibilities and requirements for academic and industrial research, product development and QC investigations.

GPC/SEC Chromatography Equipment

Light scattering is the fundament for a large number of analytical methods. When the application is research, then the equipment utilized must supply the highest degree of data quality coupled with highest possible flexibility. This can be expressed in terms of number of detection angles available and of the possibility to modify and adapt the devices to a specific task. As such, research applications are the perfect field of operation of goniometer systems, which combine a nearly unlimited range of angle of detection with open platform design which allows unlimited customizations to a particular task. Along with the hardware, a powerful software suite which offers advanced analysis capabilities and full user control on all key parameters of data collection and analysis, round up the concept.

Research Grade Goniometer Light Scattering

The hydrodynamic radius or diameter of particles, mostly expressed as "particle size" is of fundamental importance for a number of different properties of materials. The accurate determination of this important value is therefore one of the major goals in analytics. Particle size is critical in numerous pharmaceutical applications, it is a key factor in a broad number of industrial materials, both or natural or synthetic source and it can range from few nanometers to several microns up to millimeter. In our case, we focus on the low end of this size range with instruments optimized to cover nanoparticles from a single nanometer up to 10 microns. And as there is no single instrument which could cover all possible applications and requirements, our portfolio is rich of options and variations, designed to allow selection of the best possible solution to any particle sizing problem.

Particle Sizing Instrumentation

Stability of suspensions is one of the key parameters for formulations in various fields, from pharmaceuticals to abrasive slurries. In many cases, the stability can be correlated to the Zeta Potential of the suspension making this parameter therefore a primary object of investigation both in R&D and routine QC applications. The range of application is huge and so are requirements and necessities extremely diversified which in turn ask for different instruments, and methods of operation, for the different tasks. Our range of Zeta Potential products is design to match perfectly the very different but always demanding applications covering polar as well as non-polar formulations.

Zeta Potential Products