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Micellar Water Characterization: A Laser Light Scattering Application

Micellar waters are the trendy new facial cleanser that boasts its ability to clean skin without irritation. We present results from dynamic light scattering (DLS), phase analysis light scattering (PALS), and microrheology measurements of commercial micellar water formulations using the Brookhaven Instruments NanoBrook Omni system. The size and charge of the micelles may impact their performance and stability. This technology may provide a new way to easily characterize these formulations.In comparison, most DLS “benchtop” Instruments, even the most advanced ones, have the appearance of a supersized shoebox, hiding the technique behind a full enclosure which allows no view of the inner values of such a device. Usually a relatively small door is present which allows introduction of the sample cell, but even this reveals no details of what is inside.