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Automated software for HPLC pump validation

⇤ NEWS | 8th August 2023

Early detection of gas bubbles improves pump performance

TESTA Analytical Solutions e.K. has announced a new software tool for its AB4000X range of flowmeters enabling labs to automatically validate the performance of HPLC, uHPLC and GPC/SEC pumps.

The Pump Validation Software Suite has been designed to accept raw data generated by the TESTA Analytical flowmeter PC-App and perform all necessary flow calculations automatically. Using this powerful software tool - all data and parameters are automatically validated for fitness of use for validation and a summary report generated which can be stored or printed for hard copy documentation. This powerful software tool comes with a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) detailing the whole validation protocol. In addition, this new software can also be used to calculate ancillary pump performance parameters, such as real-time pulsation, which can be used to identify transient changes in pump performance.

The AB4000X flowmeter range from TESTA Analytical sets the benchmark for real-time monitoring devices for continuously measuring the performance of pumps serving HPLC, uHPLC, LC/MS, GPC/SEC, and flow chemistry systems. Compatible with all common solvents, the compact AB4000X flowmeter powers itself from a USB connection. At the heart of each TESTA flowmeter is a high-resolution thermal flow sensor that is both extremely accurate and sensitive. This non-invasive sensor enables the device to operate over a wide dynamic range. Each TESTA flowmeter is supplied with an easy-to-use PC based App that allows users to continuously record, and store measured flow rate data from a HPLC system. Current flow rate is displayed on the devices integral high-resolution OLED display.

For further information on the new software tool for automated validation of pump flow, using a AB4000X range flowmeter, please visit https://www.testa-analytical.com/hplc-chromatography.html.

Click here to contact Testa Analytical Solutions (+49-30-864-24076).


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