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Super Summer Offers

Buy a NanoBrook 90Plus PALS - get a NanoBrook Omni instead

The NanoBrook 90Plus PALS is the workhorse instrument of the NanoBrook Series, providing particle sizing at 90° angle and zeta potential with PALS technology. The NanoBrook Omni is the flagship of the series, providing outstanding particle sizing performance at 3 angles of detection, PALS and ELS zeta potential capabilities and improved range of measurement.

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Trade-In your old ZetaPlus Instrument

Well known and appreciated for its reliability and longevity, the Brookhaven ZetaPlus zeta potential instrument is used in laboratories worldwide. Drawing upon the lessons learn't from the ZetaPlus, Brookhaven developed and introduced the improved and highly capable Nanobrook series of particle sizing / zeta potential instruments. Take advantage of our super summer offer and trade-in your ZetaPlus for a cool 25% off a new NanoBrook system.  Please note that "old" ZetaPlus accessories like cells and electrodes, are 100% compatible with the modern NanoBrook instruments!

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Upgrade Your Instrument to 2019 Capabilities

Older Brookhaven particle sizing instruments were designed with an integral PC to manage system operation. Many of these instruments are running flawlessly still today. However, these instruments with built-in PC do not provide the performance and extensive capabilities possible using our modern workstations. To enable you to extend the life and expand the capability of your heritage system, TESTA Analytical Solutions has developed a PC Hardware upgrade. This hardware upgrade allows users to control their instrument using an external PC running our latest "Particle Solution Software Suite" - the benchmark software for all your sizing and zeta potential needs.

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Even if you do want to take advantage of our three Summer offers, you still have the chance to be a winner.

Simply reply to this email telling us what Particle Size or Zeta Potential instruments you currently use and you will be entered into a FREE prize draw to win 1 of 4 copies of "Let there be Light" an outstanding new text book by Dr Bruce Weiner that provides an excellent overview of the utilization of Light Scattering techniques for Particle and Polymer Characterisation.