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September 29th 2021

New Multi-Detector GPC/SEC System

Improved HPLC Connectors

Our engineering team has developed improved T and cross connectors for standard HPLC fittings. These new connectors have a square footprint and offer 4 points of attachment enabling simple adaption for use with any HPLC system. The new square footprint, a break with the known and traditional round shape, offers advantages in terms of improved handling, ease of connection and also compactness.

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September 22nd 2021

New Multi-Detector GPC/SEC System

Why is flow rate important in GPC/SEC?

To obtain reliable data from your GPC/SEC instrument - each run should be related to a calibration curve obtained by measuring appropriate chromatographic standards. Calculations from GPC/SEC experiments are based on elution volume, which is a product of time and flow rate. As such, knowledge of GPC/SEC flow rate is of paramount importance as it is required to be constant over much longer periods of time than with HPLC separations.

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September 15th 2021

C0-operative research and development project


TESTA Analytical and the Technical University of Lodz, Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry (www.mitr.p.lodz.pl/biomat/), are cooperating on a new project to investigate radiation induced chemical reactions such as polymerization, degradation and cross-linking. This pioneering work aims to characterize intra- and intermolecular reactions under the influence of a strong electron beam. Analytics will be performed with a static light scattering instrument specifically designed for this task and attached to the accelerator head, as well as with batch mode SLS, DLS and GPC-MALS-Viscometry.

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September 8th 2021

Work Experience Opportunity


To enhance the 'green credentials' of our popular Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter we are offering an exciting development project opportunity for a graduate or student studying Packaging Technology. You will join our team here in Berlin, Germany to focus on developing new recyclable packaging for this product.

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September 2nd 2021

Brandenburg Innovation Prize 2021 - Testa Analytical


Testa Analytical's Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter has been selected by the Brandenburg Innovation Prize 2021 expert committee from a total of 69 companies that submitted innovative new products and services to participate in the competition. The expert committee was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the applications. "Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, entrants have risen to top innovative form in an admirable now-first attitude. I am very excited about the jury's decisions," said German Minister of Economics - Jörg Steinbach. Final presentations to the expert committee from shortlisted organisations will take place this autumn.

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