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November 30th 2023

Comparing techniques for flow rate measurement in Liquid Chromatography.

Comparing techniques for flow rate measurement in Liquid Chromatography.

To assist both novice and expert chromatographers, we have written a technical paper that provides an introductory background to the different flow rate monitoring techniques and seeks to explain, the value of measurements achievable with each method. With this information our aim has been to provide an independent, informed interpretation of the flow rate monitoring results and how this might lead to higher confidence in performance validation of your HPLC, UHPLC, GPC/SEC or Ion Chromatography systems.

Download Technical Paper.

November 16th 2023

Solutions for Separation Scientists

Solutions for Separation Scientists

Many thanks to LCGC magazine. They recently reported how by eliminating the fundamental drawback of the traditional online viscometer design, the known ‘sample breakthrough’ after each measurement, our COMBO-ONE Viscometer / DRI dual detector allows much more rapid sequencing of GPC/SEC samples.

Read online publication.

November 9th 2023

Improve your #HPLC data integrity

Improve your #HPLC data integrity.

Chromatography data systems are widely used in labs around the world because they include functionality that enables timesaving in analysis, interpretation, and reporting workflows. Including real-time flow rate data with each chromatogram you collect is a valuable aid to achieving total quality assessment of any HPLC, UHPLC, LC/MS or GPC/SEC system. Learn more about our powerful new software driver that allows control and collection of data from any TESTA Analytical AB-4XXXX Series liquid flowmeter using a chromatography data system (CDS).

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November 2nd 2023

New intern starts at TESTA.

New intern starts at TESTA.

We welcome Karolina Pietrucha, a nanotechnology graduate from Lodz University of Technology (Poland) as an intern at our company for the next four months. The internship has been established in the framework of the EU Erasmus+ programme. Asked about her new internship Karolina said “I‘m really happy to be part of the supportive and professional team at TESTA. It’s a great opportunity for me to gain real working experience.“

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