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November 25th 2021

Staff Training Tailored to your Specific Requirements

Fast Access Online Bibliography

Our ever-expanding #bibliography of informative articles, technical notes and application papers now includes approaching 40 documents. To make it faster for you to access just materials relevant to your work we have re-organised this web page to group together documents to do with #MolecularWeightDetermination, #ParticleSizing, #ZetaPotential and Miscellaneous. This final area includes documents associated with TESTA’s exciting liquid chromatography flowmeter plus our niche technologies.

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November 18th 2021

C0-operative research and development project

Optimized DRI detectors made in Germany

TESTA Analytical has invested in stock components to enable us to offer our high performance #DRIdetectors, made here in Germany, on #shortdelivery times. Being able to offer a wide range of options (light source, electronics, firmware) means these DRI detectors can be readily adapted to fit the requirements of any third party HPLC or GPC/SEC system.

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November 4th 2021

Brandenburg Innovation Prize 2021 - Testa Analytical

New Flowmeter Presentation

Constant flow of solvent through a chromatography system is of paramount importance, as results obtained can be distorted by changes in flow rate. A new presentation introduces you to our liquid chromatography flowmeter and shows you how it can be used to determine just how constant flow from your HPLC or GPC/SEC pump really is.

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