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May 25th 2023

Liquid chromatography flowmeter – continuous quality assessment.

Liquid chromatography flowmeter – continuous quality assessment.

The quality of analytical data is often determined by periodic checks of a set of measured parameters. This unfortunately only gives you a snapshot of how your analytical instrument is performing at a point in time and cannot assure the total quality of an application. To fill this need, TESTA Analytical Liquid Chromatography flowmeters are used in analytical labs worldwide as monitoring tools continuously measuring the performance of liquid chromatography pumps. Through real-time monitoring of your liquid chromatography system, our flowmeters generate a constant stream of data which can be easily correlated to a particular chromatogram, thus achieving true total quality assurance of your application.

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May 18th 2023

Experienced US technical consultant joins TESTA team

Experienced US technical consultant joins TESTA team.

We are pleased to announce that technical lab consultant - Michael (Mike) Drenski has joined the TESTA team to support our business in North America. Mike’s first assignment will be to help US customers upgrade the firmware of their liquid chromatography flowmeters and to calibrate them according to our Standard Operating Procedure. Prior to joining our team, Mike served as co-founder and CTO of Fluence Analytics, a manufacturer of systems enabling manufacturing and R&D process optimization. Mike has also worked as the Director for Instrumentation at Tulane-PolyRMC, an R&D centre which is active in fundamental and applied polymer research. Mike holds a B.S. in Physics from Youngstown State University and an M.S. in Physics from Tulane University.

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May 11th 2023

Upgrade your flowmeter – free of charge

Goniometer alignment – critical for high performance light scattering.

Goniometer systems have for many years been the ‘go to’ research tool when labs are challenged by demanding static and dynamic multi angle light scattering applications. Many of these systems supplied by us, and our partner – Brookhaven instruments, have been operating for decades without problems. However, the extraordinary results achievable with these systems is based on perfect optical alignment and flawless operation of all components. It is therefore advisable occasionally to strip down your system and re-align it from scratch. During this operation you have a terrific opportunity to check all system components for wear and aging and replace if necessary. TESTA Analytical is internationally respected for its goniometer system expertise and our ability to provide on-site re-alignment services.

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May 4th 2023

Why choose a Rapid Scanning UV detector rather than a Diode Array UV detector?

Why choose a Rapid Scanning UV detector rather than a Diode Array UV detector?

The UV detector is one of the most used chromatography detectors today because of its reliability, ease of use, and universal response to chromophoric compounds, including most pharmaceuticals. The advantages of using a Diode Array UV detector for analytical HPLC are well documented. However, for applications that involve delicate samples, the high UV energy output of a Diode Array UV detector can be a disadvantage. For such applications, a detector which does not apply the full UV energy load to the sample the whole time is a better alternative. The TESTA Analytical Rapid Scanning UV detector is such an alternative. Capable of measuring the absorption signal for up to 4 wavebands simultaneously, our Rapid Scanning UV is the perfect detector for applications involving thermallylabile samples.

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