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25th May 2022

Liquid chromatography pump calibration service

Liquid chromatography pump calibration service

#HPLC, GPC/SEC and #Ionchromatography pumps need calibration of the flow rate they deliver on a regular base to maintain consistently accurate results. The traditional gravimetric calibration method, although accurate, has some operational challenges. TESTA has launched a new rapid response service that uses a real-time thermal flow sensor that is extremely accurate, sensitive, and high-resolution, to reliably calibrate the flow rate of Liquid chromatography pumps.

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May 18th 2022

Consultancy for leading Polymer Institute.

Consultancy for leading Polymer Institute.

The Institute of Polymers at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IP-BAS) in Sofia has invited our Managing Director – Carlo Dessy to consult with them. IP-BAS are working with several systems from TESTA Analytical including a 200SM Research Goniometer system plus a NanoBrook tabletop Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) and Zeta Potential unit. The goal of the visit is to discuss and help improve results obtained with both instruments, assess their operational status and provide training on the latest software packages for the two systems.

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May 11th 2022

Design considerations for Refractive Index detectors

Design considerations for Refractive Index detectors

Is there such a thing as a universal refractive index detector for all instrumental techniques? A new informative technical note explains how the different measurement goals of HPLC, and GPC/SEC has led to the development of different optimised refractive index detection strategies for each technique.

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May 4th 2022

Specialist HPLC Fittings.

Specialist HPLC Fittings

Do you need a specialist HPLC fitting but only in relatively low (500+) volumes? At TESTA Analytical, we have the experience and expertise to design and deliver custom fittings optimised to meet your exact HPLC system needs. All our high quality custom HPLC fittings, filters, frits, and connectors are designed using materials optimised to meet your application needs.

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