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30th March 2022

Monitoring HPLC Pump Performance

Monitoring HPLC Pump Performance.

A leading manufacturer of modular #HPLCsystems is using our liquid chromatography flowmeter as a quality assurance tool to provide precise #realtime data on the performance of the HPLC pumps they produce. Feedback from the customer is that they are very happy with the reliability, ease of use and performance of the liquid chromatography flowmeter. In fact, so much so, that they are investigating the possibility of integrating TESTA Analytical flowmeter technology into future HPLC systems to provide users with real time flow data.

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March 23rd 2022

Using the flowmeter for mass flow measurement from peristaltic pumps

Using the flowmeter for mass flow measurement from peristaltic pumps.

The flow rate of your peristaltic pump cannot be determined just by the physical dimensions of the peristaltic wheel and tubing or speed of rotation. Other factors including aging of the tubing, the viscosity of the fluid, flow pulsations and back pressure are known to have a significant influence on obtained flow rate. Our realtime flowmeter is being used by a major pharmaceutical company to determine average flow rate as well as peak values of pulsation, thereby enabling selection of the most appropriate setting for any peristaltic pump application. Also, our flowmeter is sensitive enough to detect early stage tubing degradation, helping them avoid unnecessary pump failures.

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March 16th 2022

UV detection kits for process measurement

UV detection kits for process measurement

Polymer and resin formulators and raw material manufacturers often wish to know answers to questions including "How can I set-up my production process", "How do I know if my process is running properly?" and "How can I troubleshoot production problems?". UV detection is a powerful tool that can help solve these problems. Our unique rapid scanning #UVdetector kit, coupled with the possibility of remote flow cells, provides proven high performance measurement technology that can be readily integrated into a wide range of polymer process applications.

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March 9th 2022

Refractive index detector kits for HPLC

Refractive index detector kits for HPLC

Refractive Index detectors are widely used for the analysis of molecules with weak or no UV absorption. Typical applications include sensitive detection of alcohols, sugars, sacharides, fatty acids and polymers. Customizable to your exact needs our compact Differential Refractive Index (DRI) Kit for HPLC offers OEM clients an easy route to create a high performance instrument that gives them a competitive edge.

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