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May 28th 2023

5 reasons to choose TESTA as your OEM development partner

Creating a better differential viscometer

Used as a GPC/SEC detector to determine the specific viscosity of a polymer or protein in solution - differential viscometers have been around for decades and have demonstrated their value in numerous applications. The R&D team at TESTA Analytical has improved the original 4-capillary bridge design and created a new generation differential viscometer with exceptional performance and operational advantages.

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June 21st 2023

Reliable quantitative LC/MS

Reliable quantitative LC/MS.

LC/MS is a powerful and widely used analytical technique. However, variation in liquid sample flow to your LC/MS system can invalidate quantitative determination of analytes. Operating over the flow range of 0.001 to 80 µL/minute, with a resolution of 1nl / minute, the TESTA µFlowmeter is the perfect tool for continuously monitoring LC/MS liquid flow thereby providing information to improve the reliability of your quantitative analyte determinations.

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June 14th 2023

Application note: Direct determination of protein molecular weight

Application note: Direct determination of protein molecular weight.

Size-exclusion chromatography (SEC) has traditionally been the ‘go to’ technique for the determination of molecular weights of proteins. However, its usefulness is limited by the time-consuming requirement for calibration of the SEC columns with standards comprising proteins of known molecular weight, but which may not be of the same chemistry as the unknown protein. In a new application note we demonstrate how our Bi-MWA detector enables the determination of the molecular weight of carbonic anhydrase, under standard chromatographic conditions, without column calibration.

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June 7th 2023

Preparative HPLC users – apply now to beta test our new flow monitoring devices.

Preparative HPLC users – apply now to beta test our new flow monitoring devices.

TESTA Analytical flowmeters are widely used in analytical chromatography labs as monitoring tools providing continuous measurement of pump performance. We intend, later this year, to launch a new range of Semi-Prep and Prep flowmeters to help chromatographers, using high flow systems, undertake their preparative tasks in a more productive and reliable way. As part of our pre-launch testing, TESTA Analytical is inviting current users of high flow rate preparative HPLC systems, to apply to enter our Beta test program and be among the first organizations to appreciate the value of flow monitoring in Prep Chromatography.

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