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January 20th 2022

C0-operative research and development project

Need to make challenging light scattering measurements?

You may have heard it before - but not all instruments for measuring light scattering are equally capable. Field proven in hundreds of labs around the world the Bl-200SM goniometer system is a precision instrument designed to undertake the most challenging dynamic light scattering and static light scattering measurements. As you would expect from a powerful research grade system the BI-200SM can measure light scattering over a wide angular range (8° to 155°) and offers fine adjustment of measurement angles to 0.01° making centre of rotation measurement easier when aligning cells. Precise repeatable data is ensured by automated heating and cooling of the sample cell using an external recirculating system.

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January 13th 2022

Studying Antibodies with Dynamic Light Scattering

Studying Antibodies with Dynamic Light Scattering

One of the fastest growing classes of pharmaceutically active biologics are antibodies. These highly versatile #proteins are increasingly used in immunoassays, in vaccine production, and as the primary component of a wide array of injectable protein drugs. In all these applications it is essential that antibodies remain intact, and monomeric. Failing to adhere to these strict and exacting standards compromises the processability, activity, and shelf stability of antibody-based products. Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is a powerful technique that can be used to detect aggregation of proteins and determine the size of monomeric protein with a very high degree of certainty.

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January 6th 2022

Brandenburg Innovation Prize 2021 - Testa Analytical

Happy New Year – New Chromatography Innovations

For those of you who missed it in the busy run up to Christmas - TESTA has just launched a versatile new generation flowmeter for liquid chromatography applications. If you are looking for an affordable real-time monitor to check the performance of your HPLC, or GPC/SEC pump performance or need precise absolute flow rate calibration data – look no further.

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