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February 28th 2024

Prevent unreliable liquid chromatography results due to air bubbles – Testa Analytical

Prevent unreliable liquid chromatography results due to air bubbles.

The Solvent Line Monitor is the perfect failsafe tool for liquid chromatography to eliminate air bubble related problems. The compact device can be set up to automatically trigger an audible alarm, a pump shutdown or a switching valve when a solvent flow line becomes empty or contains bubbles. This user-friendly device is powered by USB connection and the intuitive computer program supplied with every unit allows you to define sensitivity and mode of operation.

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February 21st 2024

Separation sciences innovation - In the Press – Testa Analytical

Separation sciences innovation - In the Press.

Many thanks to Chromatography Today. They recently reported how the unmatched baseline stability of our DRI detectors, which operate up to 80°C, are the perfect tools for helping unlock challenging GPC/SEC, HPLC and UHPLC separations. In addition the publication reported how a leading European pharmaceutical laboratory is using our Liquid Chromatography flowmeter and software driver to manage data from HPLC instruments with different chromatography data systems in their tightly regulated client-server environment.

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February 14th 2024

New member of the TESTA technical support team – Testa Analytical

New member of the TESTA technical support team.

To accelerate our program of new product development and optimization of existing products plus enhance our capabilities for testing and calibrating for our growing range of instruments and detectors – we welcome Hizkia Chandra. New team member Hizkia commented “I am delighted to have been offered the opportunity to contribute to technical support activities at TESTA while also pursuing my Master's in Chemistry at Freie Universität Berlin. Every working day at TESTA presents me with interesting new work challenges and is expanding my skills base”.

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February 7th 2024

A Chromatography Innovator has left us – Testa Analytical

A Chromatography Innovator has left us.

Modern chromatography would not exist as we know it today without a few people who recognized very early on the possibilities this technique could offer and spent their life in a constant search for improvements, for new aspects, for better instruments. In short, creating devices capable of supplying answers to analytical challenges. To a casual observer, it might seem these people were just obsessed by their own dream of mastering challenges, for those who have had the fortune to work with one of these persons, this obsession was just irrepressible passion. Dr. Herbert Knauer was one of these persons, and I had the fortune to know him and to work with him.

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