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December 21st 2022

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

Christmas is fast-approaching, and we hope that you will be able to take some well-earned time off to spend with your family and friends. We would like to take this opportunity to offer our thanks, and best wishes for 2023, to the most important people to TESTA Analytical – our customers, suppliers, and employees.

Latest news

December 15th 2022

Removing inter-detector delay improves triple detection GPC/SEC

Removing inter-detector delay improves triple detection GPC/SEC.

Triple detection GPC/SEC is a tried and trusted technique for determining structural information about investigated samples, and to do this without the need of any calibration or reference material. Often, structure information can be expressed in terms of the Mark-Howink coefficients Alpha and K, which allow rapid comparison of structural properties of materials without the need for branching calculations which tend to be tedious and can be prone to error. However, the exactness of any structure related evaluation puts high demands on the accuracy of the measurements and especially on the set-up of GPC/SEC detectors to minimize inter-detector volume delay. Our COMBO #DRIViscometerdetector, with its unique zero delay design, is the perfect match for any MALS detector creating a triple detection GPC/SEC system of unmatched performance.

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December 7th 2022

Chemical reactions – the importance of accurate flow measurement

Continuous monitoring vs scheduled validation of HPLC Pump flow.

To ensure the quality and reliability of your HPLC system data it is important to validate the performance of your HPLC Pump on a regular basis. Some labs choose to do this using scheduled pump flow measurements maybe once a month. However, this type of intermittent performance validation offers only a single data point, and many separations might be run between validations before an error condition is revealed. Continuous monitoring, which is very easily realized using a TESTA Liquid Chromatography Flowmeter, allows continuous determination of flow therefore providing validation of each and every separation run with your HPLC system. This non-invasive device is proven to offer a highly reliable quality assessment of real time liquid flowdata from any HPLC, UHPLC, Ion-Chromatography or GPC/SEC system.

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December 1st 2022

The importance of understanding pump flow

The importance of understanding pump flow

Pumps are one of the most common tools enabling liquids to be moved, delivered, and pushed through a separation column, supplied as a dose or transferred from one container to another. A recently published #technicalarticle written by TESTA Analytical demonstrates and discusses the factors that can affect the flow of liquid delivered by pumps used in a laboratory for analytical purposes such as chromatography, and for lab-level flow chemistry applications.

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