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April 27th 2023

5 reasons to choose TESTA as your OEM development partner

5 reasons to choose TESTA as your OEM development partner

If you are looking to develop a high-performance liquid chromatography detector - here are 5 reasons to choose TESTA Analytical as your OEM development partner:
• Decades of experience of HPLC and GPC/SEC technologies and applications
• A track record of major chromatography detector innovations.
• We are an independent company, not linked to any chromatograph company.
• All our developments are backed by a team that delivers reliable products.
• Our ability to understand not only technical requirements but also market necessities and build cost targets.

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April 20th 2023

Considering development of a new chromatography detector?

Considering development of a new chromatography detector?

Did you know that TESTA Analytical is the name behind a growing number of market leading HPLC and GPC/SEC systems? With decades of chromatographic expertise and knowledge, TESTA Analytical has proven itself as a pioneering developer and OEM supplier of differential refractive index, viscometry, rapid scanning UV-visible, dn/dc, flowmeter and gas bubble detectors that set new standards for performance, stability and reliability. To learn more about what makes us a great OEM design and development partner.

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April 13th 2023

Upgrade your flowmeter – free of charge

Flowmeter FAQ 5

Q: I noticed that my TESTA #flowmeter shows negative flow rate values. How is this possible?

A: our flowmeters are by design bi-directional. This means that they can measure the flow in both directions. If the displayed is negative, then your device is incorrectly connected in reverse to the designed direction of flow. Please note the negative values are valid measurements but not calibrated.

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April 6th 2023

Ensuring the accuracy of your dispensing system

Ensuring the accuracy of your dispensing system.

Dissolved gases are well known to have an impact on the performance of reagent dispensing pumps. A common solution to address this problem is to install a vacuum degasser on the inlet side of the pump. However undissolved gas bubbles pass through largely unaffected by the degasser which can lead to unreliability in dispensing volumes. Several companies are now using our Solvent Line Monitor to detect undissolved gas bubbles in real-time. The digital output from the device detecting an undissolved gas bubble is being used to stop the dispensing pump before it can affect dispensing #accuracy.

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