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27th April 2022

Monitoring HPLC Pump Performance

Why is Flow Rate Important in GPC/SEC?

To obtain reliable data from your GPC/SEC system - each run should be related to a calibration curve obtained by measuring appropriate chromatographic standards. Calculations from GPC/SEC experiments are based on elution volume, which is a product of time and flowrate. As such, knowledge of GPC/SEC flow rate is of paramount importance as it has to be constant over much longer periods of time than with HPLC separations.

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April 20th 2022

Static Light Scattering – a valuable tool for polymer characterisation

Static Light Scattering – a valuable tool for polymer characterisation.

A new technical note provides an informative introduction to Static Light Scattering (SLS) - a technique that leverages high precision photon counting to measure size, molecular weight, and other valuable structural information from synthetic and natural polymers. In addition, the technical note details how Static Light Scattering (SLS) is different from Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS).

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April 13th 2022

Versatile Platform for Polymer Analysis

Versatile Platform for Polymer Analysis

Are you looking for a versatile platform to analyse a wide range of polymers, regardless of molecular weight range or solvent? The combination of sensitive detectors in our HK Series GPC/SEC system can deliver accurate, absolute molecular size, weight, and distribution information as well as useful data to derive fundamental parameters such as radius of gyration, concentration, intrinsic viscosity, specific refractive index increment (dn/dc) and second virial coefficient. Each detector in an HK Series GPC/SEC system has independent temperature control to ensure that high levels of precision and reproducibility can easily be achieved from one day to the next.

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April 6th 2022

Supporting the Polymer Chemistry Community

Supporting the Polymer Chemistry Community

In memory of Professor Andrzej Dworak, a respected international authority in the field of #polymerchemistry and polymer materials, TESTA Analytical Solutions chose to sponsor the recent 3rd international conference on Polymer Materials (POLYMAT 2022) in Poland. The event attracted a strong program of interesting talks and was well attended by the Eastern European scientific community.

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